🎉 Funtastic Friday ðŸŽ‰

A big well done to this weeks outstanding writers Owen and Alfie! We have been learning about how living things change as they grow and the boys drew lovely pictures of plants growing! 

🎉 Also a huge well done to our pupils of the week Jacob L, Tyler and Olivia! 🎉


👀🔎🐣 Egg watch update! ðŸ£ðŸ”ŽðŸ‘€

Today both F1 classes went to visit our new chicks and to see if anymore eggs had hatched. We were so excited to find there were now four chicks! The children counted three brown chicks and one yellow chick, there are still two eggs left to hatch! We can’t wait until they are allowed out of the incubator 😊

The year 4 class asked all of the F1’s questions for their survey on the chicks and showed us the fab chick camera they have set up to keep watch on the chicks! 

Keep checking the blog for more egg updates! 🐣🥚 

🐣 Eggstra Exciting News! ðŸ£

Today F1 afternoon class recieved some very exciting news during their P.E lesson, one of the eggs had hatched! After P.E we went down to Miss Price’s classroom to look in the incubator, can you guess what came out of the egg? 

A chick! 🐥 The chicks feathers had started to dry out in the incubator so it was turning yellow and fluffy. The chick was making lots of cheeping noises and it kept climbing on top of the other eggs and pecking them! We think he was trying to wake the other eggs up so he didn’t get lonely 💛 

After the children had gone home Miss Butterworth went to check on the chick and another egg had hatched open! This time a little brown chick came out! 🐣

We think the yellow chick is very happy to have some company and can’t wait to see what hatches out of the other eggs! 🥚🥚🥚

☀️ Exploring outdoors â˜€ï¸

Today F1 class made the most of a beautiful spring day outside, they have loved exploring in our new sand pit! The children dug for treasure and dug so deep that they found water! The children also loved getting rather soggy in our water tray, by playing with water we have learnt all about shape, space and measures! The children are also learning to be independent, they put on their own wellies and aprons and put their shoes back on when they’ve finished! 😊

Marvellous Mum’s

F1 class would like to wish all the special ladies in our lives a very Happy Mother’s Day! This week we have been very busy making Mother’s Day cards to say thank you for everything you do for us! We hope you have a lovely relaxing Sunday and like your card, enjoy your ‘brew’ 😊❤️

Parents Meetings

Parents meetings will be held all next week for F1 parents, please look out for a letter and then see Miss Butterworth or Mrs Williams to book your time slot. This will be 5-10 minutes opportunity to look at your childs learning journey and discuss their development with their key worker. We look forward to seeing you 😊

27th-31st of March 

Look what we found on safari ðŸ˜®ðŸ”Ž

F1 class have been learning about lots of different animals today, come and see what we found on Sam’s Safari!

Meet Sally the snail she doesn’t have ears or a nose but has two eyes on antenna for touching and feeling. Snails have one big foot and no bones but strong muscles! Snails come out of tiny eggs with shells on that are soft and harden as they get bigger.

Meet Bertie the barber skink lizard he has 5 toes on each leg that he uses for digging. He’s from north Africa, somewhere that is hot and dry. He lives in the sandy desert. He has a yellow stripe and orange spots to help them hide. He uses his camouflage to hide from the birds. These type of lizards lay eggs!

Meet Barry the blue tongue skink is from Australia. He lives in woodland in the forest and uses his darker skin as camouflage. This type of lizard doesn’t lay eggs but gives birth to live babies. He has holes in the side of his head that are ears.  

Meet Popcorn the snake from America he’s really strong! He has two eyes but no ears. He picks up vibrations with his chin and tastes with his tongue. Snakes can never close their eyes because they have no eyelids! So popcorn sleeps with his eyes open! Snakes need to keep warm and hatch from eggs. Popcorns eyes have turned blue because he’s about to shed his skin.

Meet Terry turtle he can swim but tortoises cannot. Terry has webbed feet for swimming and claws for digging. He can go in water and on the land. Turtles have no teeth or lips just a beak. Their shell is very important, they cant come out and it keeps them safe. He hatched out of a small round egg.

Meet Molly the pole cat ferret, she likes to eat meat and is very good at hunting. Ferrets are from our country and Europe. She has fur to keep her nice and warm, lots of little sharp teeth and five little fingers on each foot. They are good at digging and have a long tail for balancing. 

Meet Freeman the guinea pig he is an identical triplet! Guinea pigs can be kept as pets but like to live in big family groups. They have two teeth on the top and bottom which grow very fast. They like to eat hay and carrots. They are from south America where it gets cold at night so they have lots of fur to keep them warm! 

Meet Miss Butterworth’s favourite; Basil the giant rabbit! He is huge and has brown fur for camouflage. These animals live in a burrow or warren and use their big feet for thumping on the floor to warn others rabbits about danger nearby. They also have whiskers for feeling around. 

Here are a few pictures of the children being very sensible and brave whilst holding and stroking the animals:


Thank you to Sam’s safari we have had a wonderful day 😊🐰❤️

🐰🐹🐛🐚  Sam’s Safari visit F1 🐍🐢🦎 ðŸ£

Today we are so excited! F1 are having lots of special visitors! 

F1 morning class sat so beautifully and used really good listening ears, we are very proud of them! 😊

F1 afternoon class did us proud too, they were so sensible and lined up beautifully!

We are very lucky to have Sam’s safari come to our school. Two very nice ladies have brought their animals for us to hold and stroke. We have learnt lots about the different animals, where they come from and what they eat! The children have been very brave touching the animals and they all  remembered  to wash their hands after! 

Here are a few photos of the animal carriers can you guess what is inside? 

👀 Please keep your eyes out for photos of the children with the animals, they’ll be posted after school! 👀