🎶🖍 Phonics 🖍🎶

We have been learning another bouncy sound ‘b, b, b!’ Hiding inside our letter is a ‘b, b, b, boot!’ 

To write this sound we start at the top and say ‘down the laces back up to the heel and round the toe.’


🗺 🐻 Barnaby and Billy Bear 🐻 🗺

Baranaby and Billy have had a lovely time visiting everyones houses! They are now ready for a long rest over the summer holidays 😊 Thank you to everyone who filled in his book, brought pictures in or uploaded them to learning journeys! The children have really enjoyed finding out what the bears have been up to during circle time! 

If you get a moment in the cloakroom please take a look at their book of travels 😊

🍕😍 Pizza making 😍🍕

This morning the children are learning all about Italian food! 🇮🇹 We are finding out what Italians like to eat and how they make it! Then we are going to make our own delicious Pizzas! The children are very excited 😊 During circle time we have talked about hygiene before cooking and how we can keep our food fresh and clean! We can not wait to taste the finished product! 🍕

Today the morning children made the pizzas, tomorrow the afternoon children will be having a turn 😊 

First the children had to spread the passata onto the tortilla:

Then they had to sprinke on some cheese:

After that with help from the teachers we put them in the oven to cook, we had to be careful as it was very hot! 

Finally we had a picnic snack and got to eat them! They were delicious 😋 🍕

🇮🇹 Ciao Italy! 🇮🇹

This week F1 Class are visiting Italy! We have been finding out about different places we could visit in Italy, what we could do and how we could get there! We are very excited to be ‘flying’ past the Leaning Tower of Pisa today 😊 We will keep you updated about our exciting journey! 

One of our morning children has drawn the Italian flag from memory this morning, Well Done! 🇮🇹😊

🎶🖍 Phonics 🖍🎶

This weeks new sound is a bouncy sound, you make the sound at the back of your throat. ” u, u, u!” 

To write this sound you start at the top and go down and under, up to the top and draw the puddle. 😊 

Can you have a try at home? Don’t forget, if you have been practicing at home you can bring your fantastic work into school to show during circle time! 

🇫🇷🗼❤️ Au Revoir France ❤️🗼🇫🇷

F1 have had a lovely time visiting France this week! We have learnt how to say Bonjour, Au Revoir and Merci! ( Hello, Goodbye and Thank you) We found out about the different landmarks in Paris that we could visit and what food they like to eat in France! 

First we had to get our passports stamped at passport control and then we boarded the aeroplane! 

When we got on the plane we watched a safety demonstation and had an in-flight snack. We tried a sweet French bread called Brioche, it was delicious! 

When we landed back in England we said ‘Au Revoir, Merci! ‘ we really enjoyed our holiday to France 😊

We are so excited to visit another country next week, I wonder where we will go? 🤔 🇮🇹 

🎶🖍 Phonics 🖍🎶

Our new sound today is a bouncy sound ‘k, k, k’ it makes the same noise as our ‘c, c, c’ sound but we write it differently. In school we are taught to write a lowercase ribbon k: 

However our read write inc picture is different and children need to be able to recognise both versions of k.

To wtite this sound we start at the top and go down the Kangaroos body back up over his tail, down his leg.