🎉 Fantastic Friday! 🎉

Congratulations to our Outstanding Writers this week Ava and Amelia who drew a fantastic Jack and the beanstalk picture! 

🎉 Well done to our pupils of the week Victor and Thomas too!  🎉


📚 Roald Dahl Day 📚

Today Parkside Primary Academy have been celebrating Roald Dahl Day by doing different activities in class. F1’s topic this half term is based on famous animals in traditional story books. So as part of Roald Dahl day we read Roald Dahl’s revolting rhyme ‘The Three Little Pigs”.” This version is rather different to the story the children already know and they were rather shocked when little red riding hood made an appearance! 

F1 children then acted out the story using masks. They were very good at repeating the phrases “Little pigs, little pigs…let me come in!” and “No not by the hairs on my chinny, chin, chin!” Good job F1 Class 😊

🦊 Who ate the Gingerbread man? 🦊

This week our key question is: Who ate the gingerbread man? In F1 Class we have been reading the gingerbread man storybook and watching different versions on our interactive whiteboard. The children have been discussing the famous animals in this story and were very surprised when the fox tricked the gingerbread man! 

We have also been improving our number recognition and counting to five skills using ‘top marks’ counting, matching and ordering games. The children had to count the correct amount of buttons out onto the gingerbread man or count how many buttons the gingerbread man had then find the correct number. Olivia was very pleased with herself when she got them all right. Fantastic work Olivia 😊🎉

📝 Parkside Rules 📝

In F1 Class we are very good at following our school rules and we have been practicing our carpet rules all week! F1’s are trying very hard to remember them and doing a fantastic job! The older children have been helping the new ones to learn what we do at school and how we can stay on the sunshine for the whole session so we can join in golden time! 😊🎉

Amelia decided she would like to make a list of rules for our new starters so they will know how to make the right choices when playing outside. Good job Amelia 😊

If you would like to know anymore about our behaviour policy in nursery please just ask Miss Butterworth or Mrs Williams when you bring or collect your child from school 😊

🍽 Snack time 🍽

Can you guess what we had for our snack today?

In F1 we promote independence at every opportunity. Today the children have been practicing using a knife to spread butter onto their toast…

Then they used their knives to cut their toast in half!

Finally they are it all up! It was delicious 😋 

🎉 Fantastic Friday 🎉

Congratulations to our Outstanding Writers this week Saoirse and Olivia who have drawn some fabulous self-portraits!

🎉 Well done to our pupils of the week Breanna and Emily too! 🎉

Every week we practice our mark making in a special writing book and at the end of the week we choose an outstanding writer of the week. These are displayed in the entrance so don’t forget to keep an eye out every Friday to see who the new writer of the week is! We also choose a pupil of the week. If your child has been chosen they will come home with a certificate 😊

📚🐷🐻🦊 Who are the famous animals in our books? 🦊🐻🐷📚

This half term our topic is all about the famous animals in our traditional story books.

Reading books every day is so important! In nursery we have a story and song session everyday, this improves your childs listening skills and vocalbulary. On a Friday we have a library session where your child will bring a book home to keep for the week. Please share this book with your child and bring it back every Thursday to swap it for a new story! 😊📚