🍂 All the leaves are falling down! 🍂

Look at our fabulous autumn display! The children really enjoyed going on an autumn walk and collecting leaves. F1 class have made some lovely leaf prints, we made a big pile with our leaves. Would you like to jump in them? 


☕️ Macmillan Coffee Morning ☕️

This morning school are hosting a coffee morning to raise money for cancer. Nursery are also having a bun sale at each hometime if you would like to bring in 20p, donations are also welcome. 

🎉 A big thank you to everyone who bought a bun, donated or brought cakes in to sell. Nursery helped to raise £18 towards the total. Well done 😊🎉

🐻 Who ate all the porridge? 🐻

This weeks key question is “Who ate all the porridge?” Can you guess which story we are focussing on this week? It’s Goldilocks and the three bears! 🐻🐻🐻👩🏼

F1 class are going to be learning about different sizes and how to order them. Which bear has the medium sized bowl?

We are also trying really hard to hold our pens correctly and draw wonderful pictures in our mark making books. Have a look at Tia’s fantastic bears, do you know which one is baby bear? Who is the biggest bear?  

📚 Roald Dahl Day 📚

Today Parkside Primary Academy have been celebrating Roald Dahl Day by doing different activities in class. F1’s topic this half term is based on famous animals in traditional story books. So as part of Roald Dahl day we read Roald Dahl’s revolting rhyme ‘The Three Little Pigs”.” This version is rather different to the story the children already know and they were rather shocked when little red riding hood made an appearance! 

F1 children then acted out the story using masks. They were very good at repeating the phrases “Little pigs, little pigs…let me come in!” and “No not by the hairs on my chinny, chin, chin!” Good job F1 Class 😊