🐻 Children In Need 🐻

Today we are raising money for children in need! The F1 children have come to nursery with their slippers 😊 we also had a special snack with chocolate milk! It was delicious 😋 Thank you very much to everyone who has donated.


🍰🎂 Birthday Buns 🎂🍰

Today F1 morning class have been very busy baking buns!

First we had to weigh out all of the ingredients. The children said we needed eggs, flour, sugar and butter to make cakes.

The children watched the dial on the weighing scale move to show how heavy the ingredients were.

We then followed a recipe and the children poured the ingredients into a big mixing bowl.

We all passed the bowl round the circle and took it in turns to mix the ingredients together, just like pass the parcel!

Miss Butterworth used oven gloves so she didn’t burn her fingers and put the buns in the oven to bake. The timer was set for 20 minutes, we were very excited to see how they had changed when they came out of the oven!

Once our buns had cooled down we had to make the icing to decorate our buns with! The children used the scales to help weigh out the icing sugar and then mixed a little bit of water in at a time to make sticky icing!

Finally we got to decorate our buns! We can’t wait to eat them 😋 They look delicious!

Tomorrow the afternoon class will be having a turn at baking too! 😊

🥇 Headteachers Award 🥇 

Unfortunately Victor was poorly on the last day of school so was not here to recieve his award. However, today Ms Ward our head of school came to visit nursery and presented Victor with a special certificate and badge. He needs to wear this everyday at school to show what a good role model he is. Well done Victor! 😊🎉

🍎 🍫 Bonfire Apples 🍫🍎

This week we have been discussing how we celebrate bonfire night and how we can keep ourselves safe. We have enjoyed talking about all the delicious food we might eat on bonfire night and now we are very excited to make our own bonfire apples! 😊

The children have loved making their own bonfire apples and cannot wait to eat them! 

First Miss Butterworth melted the chocolate whilst we hammered our lolly sticks into our apples, we needed to use hands both hands so our apples didn’t role away! 

We put on our aprons so we didn’t get too messy then dipped our apples in the yummy chocolate, it smelt delicious! 😋

Mrs Williams then put them in the fridge for us so they would set in time for home time! 

💥🔥🎉 What is there to celebrate? 🎉🔥💥

Welcome back, we hope you have had a lovely week off. This half term we have a new topic: What is there to celebrate? We will be looking at different celebrations in different cultures and our key question is What have we celebrated recently? 

This week we will be learning all about bonfire night and fire safety! 

The children have been busy making firework pictures this morning, keep an eye out in the entrance hall for our firework display!